Monday, November 16, 2009


My first attempt. What do you think Francisco?
... I know, the camera moved a few times ;)


Fran Dias said...

I liked it but I did think that the the frame rate could have been a little bit higher. I really liked the end with everyone in it...i'm also very jealous of your new chalk board

Elsa D. said...

ok i'll buy you a can of chalkboard paint.

Anonymous said...

is that the girls' room? Living room?
Filipa and Maya must be in heaven, maybe even Ze can do his sketches there. But beware of chalk dust!

Elsa D. said...

Rita, that's what he is doing at this moment.
That's my kitchen.

Pipas said...

Elsinha... a tua cozinha rosa!!!
Ficou demais, é louza não é?
E a filmagem está demais...
És a verdadeira artista.
Beijos a todos com saudades

tapioca said...

estou fascinada!
são todos uns artistas!
Parabéns ao pessoal criativo

Isabel said...

a primeira coisa linda do dia!
beijo grande

R. said...

Great stuff!!

Gabby said...

TT Are you back from your trial yet? Are you feeling better? That video was awesome! My mom still needs to call you when you come back.