Friday, July 31, 2009

NEW YORK once again.

Well, well well. Back to New York and the quirky world of MSKCC.

Elsa arrived from Lisbon last night, and by 4am we were already on the road to NY City for Elsa's new drug trial. After a vacation in Portugal, all that sun and good disposition, she was not ready for the pouring rain. There are T-storms possible for the whole day today, which does not make NYC very appealing.

Well, I'm stopping here because Elsa will not let me publish what I really want to say about MSKCC's screw up of her scheduled PET scan.

So have a nice day!

1 comment:

Je Vois La Vie en Vert said...

Meu filho foi hoje para New York...
Não me digam que lhe acolheram com chuva e trovoadas !!!

Venham os bons dias para ele aproveitar a sua semana de férias !

Um beijinho verde cheio de esperança para a Elsinha.